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When something is cool, you say Far Out! Often used by hippies.
- Hey mate, I've bought the new barbie doll.
by Cobben January 21, 2006
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Some thing that is out of this world. Some thing so cool that it cannot be compared to anything on this planet.
That chick was far out man. My kicks are also far out.
by George Bush III October 08, 2007
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pretty wacky and unique, in either a good or a bad way.
that rhythm is pretty far out!
by mrtoast August 12, 2003
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Amazing but in a way that gives off an air that you dont really care. Something that is farout would be something not important, but is still pretty cool.
"Yeah man, those shoes are pretty farout."
by Carlisle November 13, 2006
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When you toke up, and you're extremely high.
1: "hey dude"
2: "yeah dude?"
1: "how high are you"
2: "I'm far out dude"
*both start laughing*
by St. Chode January 10, 2020
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