Short for the Federal Reserve Bank, A PRIVATE COMPANY which creates money out of thin air and loans said money to the US Government at interest.
by Aeolian December 26, 2009
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Short for federal, referring to an employee or agency of the federal government. Traditionally associated with the FBI, a fed, or the feds (not to be confused with the Fed), can typically be used when referencing any formal apparatus of the federal government. Informally, fed can be used as a derogatory insult for an untrustworthy or un-loyal individual.
The feds audited the business and monitored their regulatory practices.

That boy gives me a weird feeling, he a fed.
by 🐺 June 25, 2023
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Slang for an agent from the FBI.
I was caught by the feds on Saturday.
by 1337 Str33t Ninj4 August 18, 2004
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1. An FBI agent (slang).
2. A snitch (slang).
1. Dawg I’ve been running from the feds all week.
2. Denize is a huge fed. She told the teacher about my OG Kush.
by Calan Hentges April 16, 2020
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The act of being caught by feds (police).
Matthew: Is that a fed over there
Dillion: Yeah, we need to dip, been fedded
Oliver: Fuck mush
by YungSKi January 8, 2018
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(n) Agents for the FEDeral Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Or, loosely, any federal agent(s) or agency, usually law enforcement related.
The feds broke dowm my grandma's door and stole her weed stash!
by Christopher Loomis August 20, 2005
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