a tall, skinny person. not necessarily weak. used to greet someone.
whats up stretch?
by O&APartyRock December 22, 2010
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The gain of money or drugs used for the bettering of ones life.
"...cuz I accumulated enough stretch just to navigate it, fully decorated on chrome..."
Country Grammar - Nelly
by Brian August 15, 2003
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A local country term for useless dole sponging travellers who avoid legitimate work by any means necessary
"Stretch alert! Look at them load of Strecth's laying that block paving then going to sign on"
by Deep sea Diver March 4, 2007
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An insult to say to fatfuck people because they have stretch mark.
Hey Pam, why r u such a fatfuck stretch you mayo butter cunt slut.
by Kyle Smith July 6, 2004
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English travelling dole spongers with overinflated ego's,bad teeth, no hair and black stringy over stretched jumpers, holding a flee bitten dog on a bit of string.
Often found in the early hours laying in doorways in a puddle of their own urine. term later used to refer to any remotely vagrant individual
"Coor did you smell that stretch swimming in that puddle of piss"?
by Don Clements March 1, 2007
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