To spend time lusting over a person or an object. To be seriously and obsessively addicted to something or someone.
Dan: "Oh dude there goes Alison!"
Mike: "Oh man...I mooned over her for so long...."
by Mytola August 06, 2006
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1. Moon Moon is an internet meme that occurred April 17th, 2013 on Tumblr. A user posted a picture of a quiz that would tell you what your wolf name was, depending on the intitials of your first and last name, and his initials were P.W, in what translated to Moon Moon. He then stated it sounded like a form of mentally retarded gibberish, because well, its Moon Moon. Then after posting his result on tumblr, in a week he had over 100,000 notes to it, in what someone else posted a comic about Moon Moon called "Get The Thing" This went viral on Tumblr and there is a twitter and a Tumblr for Moon moon.

2. In refrence to 1#, people now use the term "Moon Moon" In the form of that one person that comes along and ruins everything. (Or spoils/tattles on you) I.E if your friends made plans and secretly discluded one individual and then someone accidentally told him he wasn't invited. Well, then you would call that person Moon Moon, for telling the discluded one that he could not come and therefore your image looks bad. So, you then throw insults at him/her using the term "Moon Moon"

3. Moon Moon is use to describe someone that is utterly stupid.

2. "Why did you have to tell my wife I was hitting on her, it was our little secret you fucking little shit Moon Moon"

3.Person 1-"How do you flick this lightswitch on?"

Person 2-"Stop being a fucking little Moon Moon, you flick it"
by ROFLwolf April 23, 2013
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A boomer, balding male that typically spends majority of his time playing video games.
Yeah, he plays over watch all day, what a typical moon moon.
by TTv.moonmoon May 06, 2020
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mooning is when guys drive around in a car with their boy-buns showing out the window.
A bunch of us cadets are going to drive around campus mooning and showing our boners for Halloween!
by eda-skip October 20, 2021
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Saying to indicate prices of an asset (esp. cryptocurrencies) are predicted to go "through the roof" or "extremely high
Reddit user 1: What cryptocurrency to buy in 2018?
Reddit user 2: Ethereum.
Reddit user 1: What's your price expectation?
Reddit user 2: To the moon.
by HPCQ December 24, 2017
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To buy and hold stock because of hype.
To the moon: This is a term where one buys stock at a high price with little to no information such as a Facebook post or YouTube video and then holding in hopes they will become rich. Be cautious making fun of this term my result to death threats
by ArmyOFNoneOG February 12, 2021
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A (nerd) reference to the original Star Wars (1977) movie, where Luke Skywalker thinks that the Death Star is a moon.

IT'S NOT! It's a freaking space station!
Luke: ... a moon?
Obi Wan: That's no moon. It's a space station.
by Filip H September 11, 2007
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