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A guitar tuning that actually sounds pretty badass if used correctly. Try it out. Also known as the gay father tuning.
"Did you guys hear Steve playing in FAGDAD? Fuckin' tits!"
by JMulls January 19, 2008
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A father of an officer cadet who enjoys the taking and receiving of another man/boys Penis. Often Ginger.
Matt: Craig where's your Fagdad?
Craig: He's sat on the living room chair with Brian.
Andy: Bert, why's your dad a Fagdad?
Bert: He's not, he's a Carnie.
by Mary Poppins fell on my roof November 04, 2009
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An older gay man who spends time with younger gay men to feel like one of the crowd again. Usually tends to be a sugardaddy as well.
"Thanks to your fagdad we had a delicious meal at that fancy restuarant on Main Street. He sure knows how to treat you."
by Fezz February 20, 2007
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A seemingly "happily married" family man, who lives (and possibly beleives) the daily facade that he is an ordinary average guy, but to confused office mates / friends is obviously a flaming homosexual.
"Did you see Bob and his family at the company picnic yesterday? Man, what a Fagdad.
by Engage 1 May 01, 2006
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pussy whipped male parent who sucks up not only to his wife (or civil partner, in which both parents would be fagdads), but also to all of his kids.
His name is Conrad? He must have a fagdad...poor kid
by Bengay19 June 04, 2011
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to share a homosexual relationship with ones own father.

why don't you just go and have sex with your dad you fagdad straight outta baghdad
by TB The G September 28, 2005
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Wimpy guy with absolutely no muscle definition who's a dad but looks like the last dude you'd expect could possibly father a child. Typically seen wearing loafers, white socks and shorts and pushing a stroller with one hand while holding a toddler in the other, saying things in an effeminate voice like "Hang on honey, Mommy will be here in a minute and then we'll both kiss your boo-boo."
"Yo, see that guy with the kid, the dude who's holding his wife's purse? FAGDAD!"
by Ted Marx March 29, 2009
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