A legendary race believed to have descended from Prometheus himself, the bringer of fire. Some believe that the first Ginger was in fact the flame that Prometheus handed down to the human race that fateful day. Regardless, since that day, all Gingers have had the fire of Prometheus coursing through their veins, scorching their hair bright red, charring their skin into what are commonly mistaken for freckles when the fire strays too close to the surface. While most myths surrounding the mysterious Ginger people are fabricated, some come quite close to the truth. While it is true that Gingers lack what can be considered a truly human soul, what most people don't realize is that all Gingers have been graced with the infinitely more powerful spirit of the gods. It is for this reason that the human race has so discriminated against the Ginger people. Somewhere buried deep in their subconscious is the knowledge that they will never live up to the glory and power of their Ginger counterparts and thus, like everything that threatens the ego of the human race, they beat down and attempt to humiliate them into submission. But there will come a time when all those blessed with the fire of the gods in their veins will rise up and right all wrongs in the world and bring peace and harmony to all.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that ginger!
Guy 2: Whoa, don't you know what its capable of? We should get the hell out of here. Or better yet, bow down at its feet and thank it for its mercy and grace for letting us live.
by the_relient October 25, 2011
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1) One who has coloured hair ranging in shades from Red to Strawberry blonde.Usually pale with freckles,less susceptible to electrical pain,more susceptible to sunlight. Although these r not a wholly 'ginger' traits & may not apply.

Loved, mocked & feared by those of different hair colours. Prejudice towards redheads is formally known as Gingerism& fear of them is Gingerphobia.

Usually associated with such insults as carrot top, ginger nut, Duracell and gingivitis - entirely unrelated, its gum disease.

Famous people e.g queen Elizabeth, Boadicea, celebrities -Nicole Kidman, Gerri Halliwell, Catherine Tate, Mich Hucknall- associated with this hair colour - on the increase this year as it has been hallmarked as the 'new blonde'.

Between 1& 2% of people in the UK have red hair

Red hair has more pheomelanin than other hair colours, but less of the dark pigment eumelanin thus causing the colouring

Redhead day is the name of a Dutch festival that takes place each first weekend of September in the city of Breda, the Netherlands.

It is said that Gingers have a higher sex drive, are better in bed, are generally more mischievous and known as 'kinky'

2) A type of spice used for cooking and also consumed whole as a delicacy or medicine

3) Earliest known ancient Egyptian mummified body dating back to pre 3000 bc

4) Various bands artists and groups
1) That person has ginger hair

Its a ginger...

Don't make them angry, they're ginger...

They must be good in bed... have you heard the rumours about fiery red head's?

2) Shall we add some flavour?

How, about some ginger...?

Would you like a gingerbread man?

3)Its a mummy :O

4) Wikipedia!!
by redhead rules December 02, 2009
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A fantastic breed of humans. Gingers typically have lovely luscious red locks. They are often made fun of by non-gingers, but everyone knows that it's because they're just jealous of our gingerosity.
Brunette: "You have no soul!"
Ginger: "You're an envious poopyhead."
by Imaginger June 25, 2011
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A ginger is someone with red hair and freckles. I am a ginger myself and i take pride in being a ginger and im not any different from anyone else im the sweetest person youll ever meet but if you fuck with me or call me names ill fuck your shit up :) just lik anyone else would so dont single us gingers out from the rest bc your just making yourself look lik a prick.
by maryjanee420 September 15, 2010
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The best people in the god damn world like seriously. The hair is just amazing. They have the best personality and they are hot. They are pale and are proud to call themselves vampires. They make the best partner and kids ever. To find and keep a Ginger is like having your wish from a wishing pond come true. Its once in a life time, Go get the effing Ginger or you'll regret it.
Kaitlyn: You're hair is so bright you're blinding me.

Cullen: It's because I'm a Ginger, deal with it.
by BlondieliciousFreak August 11, 2014
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A redhaired freckled light skinned person. Who everyone says are evil and or soulless. When in reality they are not evil or soulless they are just like you except there hair color is better than yours. And you all are just jealous that you are not as cool as gingers.
That girl is a ginger.
She must be evil soulless!
by Soulless96 June 19, 2011
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