an internet troll who is also a stalker, following people's usernames and harassing them wherever they post a comment \ vb. stroll
To get rid of some nasty little stroller, she cancelled her account and opened a new one with a different username.
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A prostitute, pro ho, whore, nasty girl who goes on the ho stroll, the street used to collect her tricks and have nasty illegal sex with.
La'Toya is a nasty whore stroller bitch and she needs to stop scamming on ur man!
by Carmina> April 15, 2007
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What you need to buy if you forget to wear a condom.
Fuck man, i should have bought a 50 cent condom, now i have to shell out $100 for a stroller
by brain brain December 5, 2009
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A woman who accompanies a man to age-inappropriate events to assure parents that he is trying to recapture his inner child, not capture a child.
I really want to play with those goats, but if I don't bring my kid into this petting zoo, I better at least bring a stroller so no one calls the cops.
by PunditSquared September 29, 2016
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A hot daddy, often seen in supermarkets, malls, and theme parks. Made all the hotter by displaying the fruit of his loins. Preferably seen in public without the wife/babymomma. That just spoils it.
"Did you see that stroller meat 10 people ahead of us in line for the batman ride?" (Rob F., 1997, Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ)
by jcirishkid January 12, 2009
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Single unwed mother strolling down the street looking for a baby daddy. Usually a strong clinger and commonly seen on Maury Povic due to their permissive life style, and mass confusion of who said baby daddy is.
clinger, blood sucker, fishy, cottage cheese, vagina, saggers, stroller pussy
by johnny2eyes May 29, 2011
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An adult male who indulges in relationships with younger women. AKA: Petafile
Morgan is such a stroller chaser, I heard some fourteen year old girl Katelynn gave him head.
by Pooperman & Kill4Fun June 10, 2007
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