A sweet kind caring guy, who thinks they're average because of low self esteem or because they're not like the other douch bags out their. Average guys make you smile and cry out out happiness not sadness. Averages guys are the best guys to have as boyfriends husbands and friends because no matter what they're the most down to earth sweet loving caring guys who are filled with emotional depth strength and love.
When he says "I'm just an average guy" you got a winner!
by Dictionarylady3598 December 26, 2016
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Ironically, the type of dude who a girl can spend the rest of her life with. He could be standing right in front of her and she'll overlook him at first because girls have a tendency to fall for broken bad boys. The average guy is most likely to be friend-zoned unless you're Ron from Kim Possible. Props to an average guy who scores a girlfriend!

"Average" guys are actually the best guys. When a girl dates a boy like this, he becomes more than average to her.
Girl 1: Ugh I just got dumped by Trent.
Girl 2: He wasn't right for you. Don't you think Robbie is a better fit?
Girl 1: Robbie is just an average guy, though.
Girl 2: So? He treats you nicer! Give him a chance.
by CranberryKing December 4, 2017
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When an average looking guy is reminded that he is average looking from
looking in the mirror, and girls' initial looks towards him. It carriers over into other parts of his life. "

Professor, I've been dealing with the affects of Average Looking Guy Syndrome (ALGS). Could i have an extension?
by Joebk2005 November 4, 2008
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