A slang used by idiots who do not realize the term is scapegoat

Somehow, this slang is becoming popular and I'm hearing it more and more. Please, stop the ignorance.
"I felt like the escape goat!!"
"You mean scapegoat, you dimwit!"
by The Queen Of Chodes January 2, 2005
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an escape goat is a sheep that is the hardest to catch and shag, the letters goat actually standing for "greatest of all time" referring to it's rare and incredible escape from the clutches of the expert sheep catching/shagging welsh.
"Ye may have gotten away this time ye little escape goat but we'll shag ye sooner or later!"
by Dalton Crusty November 29, 2021
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First used by the ignorant for the word "scapegoat" but it is now commonplace to use it tounge-in-cheek, just as the word "Internets" is used referencing Dubya's plural addition to the singular item.

Just because someone uses Escape Goat doesn't mean they believe it to be correct. Most of the time they are messing around.
"The dude is being used as an escape goat."

"That's scapegoat."

"Yeah, I know, but this is the Internets so stfu."
by ddoggphx June 20, 2007
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The lame, and probably fake excuse that someone comes up with to get the hell out of a relationship (or a relationshit).
Jack didn't know how to end his relationship with Carol, so he used the fact that they went to different schools as an Escape Goat

Matt - "Dude, you're finally single again?"
Richard - "Hell yea bro, I told Megan that I'm too busy at work and I couldn't handle the relationship."
Matt - "Nice Escape Goat!"
by Majdnoon October 25, 2011
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"Escape goat" was said on-air in 2002 by UK Big Brother reality show contestent Jade Goody. Scorned by millions, usage picked up, and now it's widely said, by some knowingly aware of the joke, but others unknowingly. The mistake vaguely makes sense because people looking for a "scapegoat" are trying to "escape" blame.
"They were trying to use me as an escape goat," said Jade.
by geoffreyt February 20, 2009
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Someone flirted with, obsessed over and generally courted by a person in a relationship they want to get out of in the hope that it will give them the courage and will to leave.
Jennifer was John's escape goat when he couldn't bring himself to leave Caroline.
by Esther Schillinger April 12, 2007
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a goat upon which you escape from a near death experience
the moon crashed to earth at the very spot that Dave was standing thankfully there was an escape goat near by.
by bogosuperelf July 25, 2020
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