The worst bloody advertising jingle in Sweden. Anyone who hears it will immediately become mad and frustrated if the song does not go away. It´s just a damn girl singing with a Swedish dialect "more is more möbelstore." After hearing it you also always have to sing the same thing
because it gets stuck in your head.
"More is more möbelstore, oh no not this damn song again... More is more möbelstore"
by Alberto Jensen April 5, 2017
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(Idiom) Taken from the Charles dickens novel and made infamous by the musical "Oliver", this phrase is used to hint that someone is being greedy, and is said in an exaggerated, surprised and angry voice, accompanied by a menacing look.
Please sir, can I have some more?


a: Dad, I need some more money.

b: More boy, more?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 7, 2004
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said! flex me a euro fo' sum spray more get more, me pits smell like bigfoots dick bruv!!
by Jason Lee Webster May 30, 2006
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Typically used to describe a woman with "more meat" on her bones. I.e., thick, curvy... "butter" refers to cum, usually.
Jack usually dates thick girls. We asked him why and he said, "Hey, man. More meat more butter."
by Angel Angie April 12, 2017
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MMJ (short name for More more jump) is a girl group of 4 members from a game called Project Sekai,
the following members are:
Hanasato Minori,
Kiritani Haruka,
Momoi Airi&
Hinomori Shizuku.
Besides those 4,there are two girls from Virtual Singer (also from Project Sekai) to accompany,they are:
Hatsune Miku&
Kagamine Rin.
Their debut song is New edgy idols (I thought it was New edgly idols at first..BUT THO THEY ARENT EMO AND DEPRESSED UNLIKE NIGHTCORD AT 25:00)
Shizuku:how about "More More Fight!"?
Airi:Seriously?!Fight has another meaning!!It could mean like punching people or other violent stuff!!!!!!
Minori:Hmm..A-ha!What about,"More More Jump!"?
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Its means you love someone more than more than mostest and always beats outs more than mostest. It automatically wins and means your partner has to accept you love them more.
Partner: I love you more than mostest
You: I love you more than more than mostest
Partner: darn I guess I just have to accept you love me more
by Whaleburg September 9, 2022
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