A beautiful dark-haired girl who has an infectious personality. Her friends think she's wonderful, and her only enemies are those who are jealous of her. She's smart and talented, and is the funniest person you will ever meet. If you show her this definition, she will undoubtedly refute it, because she is also very modest.
by HICAROLILOVEYOU November 14, 2014
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Carol is the definition of amazing. Her beautiful blue eyes could light up a room, as could her marvelous personality. Her spirit glows brighter than anyone’s. Carol is an angel.
I love you, Carol.
by Croissant77776 January 16, 2018
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Noun: Badass; plural noun: there can only be one Carol

A woman who prestige and influence will continue to resonate within the souls and hearts of every person she has ever encountered.

Theres nothing funny about Carol, shes a badass.

Extremely good; excellent.
Carol is truly awesome!

English english
Awe. -some

If we could only be half the man Carol was, we'd still only be a fraction

When she got to the gates God asked "Carol what took so long" Carol replied " I was getting shit done."
by Carolsmyhero June 17, 2021
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Amazingly attractive, big hearted, great girl. She gives the best hugs, best kisses, and has the best smile you've ever seen. She is the best girl to be in love with and will love you no matter what. And she will fight foe what ever she loves
by Bæ12346 January 20, 2015
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A girl (or guy, but trust me, they're pretty rare) who is very funny, caring, extremely intelligent, talented, and not to mention absolutely beautiful.

In short, she is just perfect.

A Carol will get along with nearly anyone and always knows what to say to cheer you up. She is a great friend and would never ever betray you. She would care for you no matter what.

The name Carol translates to "song of happiness". A Carol is the kind of girl who, once you meet her, she will always be in your heart.
A Carol is short, fiery red-headed female extraordinarily good at busting a guy's balls if you break her heart.
Look at Carol, she's so lucky.
by Care Bare February 2, 2010
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Carol is the prettiest, smartest, most harworking perosn ever. She will always be the light that shines bright in your day. if you ever meet a carol befriend her and never let her go!
Person 1:Who is the hottt girl
Person 2: Carol
by Eter-pay Uyen-ngay PPMS 2019 August 31, 2019
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Quite possibly the only infant to survive the zombie apocalypse,
Rick: "Carl, Stay with Carol!"
by Itsonaneedtoknow February 16, 2016
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