A beautiful, hot, sweet, caring lady. she attracts A LOT of guys. she can cheer you up when your down. A lot of people are jealous of her. Shes the type of person you can depend on. She can follow through on almost anything. She's always determined and confident. She likes for her voice to be heard. So listen up. she has a lot of common sense and great advice. Also daring too. She's not afraid to try something new. She's athletic. Loves to do everything. She is really talented. Loves to stand out. She's one of these most randomest, unique, crazy, amazing girl you will have ever meet. She is always full of surprises that you wouldn't expect. and probably the most caring person you will ever come across. Jennifer is an amazing girl. She helps people w/ their problems even though she might be going through stuff of her own. Keeps her promises and doesnt reveal your secrets. An awesome friend. Loves to party and have fun. Prefers to hear the truth no matter how much it hurts. Has a great personality. Very smart but can act like a total air head sometimes. She is loyal to friends & family & will stand by you as long as you will let them; very supportive. Jennifer has a deep passion for life & the things that are important to her. Some guys dont even deserve her. She is worth waiting for, fighting for. She's fun, strong, outgoing and perfect. Go for her. And once you got her. Never let her go.
Girl: No one will ever like me!

Jennifer: Don't worry God is saving someone special just for you.

Girl: Really? You just made my day!

Jennifer: Why thank you just acting like my normal Jennifer self. :)
by Leahsmith March 15, 2017
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Jennifer is a girl that knows what she wants . Pretty eyed. Smells nice. Has a unique style and loves to talk.
Jennifer you smell like flowers .
by WiseWoman March 22, 2017
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A gorgeous women on the outside and on the inside. She is unbelievably sexy. Her eyes and smile are incredible, you will find yourself getting lost staring at her beauty. She is an amazing best friend, partner and lover. She is smart, creative, funny, driven to succeed, and will always stand by your side no matter how hard or scary the moment is. She is always ready to have fun; dinner, bowling, a movie, food fights, even fishing. If you find your Jennifer never let her go!!
Jennifer is my wifey.

Jennifer is my girl.

I want to spend the rest of my life with Jennifer.
by Drakepuppy396 October 17, 2017
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An amazing girl who is always fun to be around no matter where or what the situation is. She is artistic, smart, caring, and just absolutely gorgeous. Jennifer has no down sides except for that she can sometimes be shy and let that stop her from doing or saying what she really wants to.
Friend: Wow she's beautiful.
You: Yeah of course she is, she's a Jennifer
by othman1234123 August 19, 2015
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A beautiful classy girl with a hint of sexy. She is gorgeous, and sassy in a way that can make guys fall head over for her.
"Look at that Jennifer!"
"Wow she's a Jennifer
by be-you-tiful ♡ March 31, 2015
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She is the bomb. She is a great person. Everybody likes her. She gas a great bestfriend. Some people want to be like her.
Omg jennifer is so awesome
Everybody is gonna be jennifer
by Jadalinpink 16 November 4, 2016
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