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Megan. Not Meghan. Or Meagan.

She hates when people spell her name wrong.

Megan means "Pearl" or "Child of Light"

A Megan is a good friend to all who take the time to get to know her. She is very creative. A Megan is never shy, and loves doing things with her friends and family.

Most Megans also have a dark side and many secrets. She will give really good advice because she's been through alot. Once a Megan trusts you, do NOT betray that trust because she isn't going to wait for karma to get you, she'll just get you herself...

She isn't scared of anybody and the only thing she truly fears is losing somebody she loves.

Most Megans are born during the winter or spring.

Megans can be really stubborn at times, and know how to get what they want.

Usually, Megans are beautiful inside and out, but they don't know it or can't see it. They tend to look down on themselves Alot. It's not a good quality but at least most Megans are not stuck up.

In a relationship, a Megan will do whatever it takes to keep her mate happy and take care of them. She prefers a long term relationship over short term and doesn't like to waste her time. Megans are INCREDIBLE lovers.

If you are lucky enough to know a Megan, hold on to her. She is very special and deserves the best. Treat her right.
Is that Megan?

I love Megan!
by SelithiaLove March 28, 2017
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A girl that doesn't know her worth. Can be rather outspoken and abrupt but knows how to stand up for herself.

Has been through tough times and suffered with her self image but came out the other side smiling. She is a girl that deserves support, as no one knows her pain.
Smart, funny, the comedian of the group but easily hurt by her friend's comments.
Megan is an all round amazing lass.
We love you Megan
"Megan. Comedian. Model. Amazing friend."
by YouAllKnowWho July 26, 2018
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Megan is a girl that no matter how hard you try you can't stop thinking about her. Whether you spoke to her yesterday or 3 years ago you still think about her everyday!

She is somebody that can make you laugh uncontrollably, somebody who can make you want to be yourself around her and somebody who can change your world without even trying... She is a gift, something that shouldn't be taken for granted, something that you will forever hold dear to you because you got to know her and who she really is! She is the perfect woman! The person you dream about, the girl you'll think about before you go to sleep, and the person you'll think about when you wake up! But you won't be the lucky person who gets to talk to every morning, and you won't get to say goodnight?!?

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to know a Megan, then tell her everyday how beautiful, genuine and amazing she is. Cause one day she will be gone and all you'll have left is memories.

Don't you wish you had of done and said more to Megan!
One day Megan will be yours and you can say "Good Morning Megs"
by MrCoolovesmegs March 01, 2017
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First, if you have a Megan in your life, follow what she says. She is super smart, perky, adorable, and incredibly unique. She is interested in a lot of different things and she definitely cares about everyone's life. She will hum all day, or stare you down and then realize she was staring, or even flash her smile and then absolutely hate your guts after only five minutes. It is not easy to trick her, and she does not lead easily, so try your hardest not to make her feel like the only person in the world who can do what she can. Sometimes she feels like she needs to prove herself when everyone already adores her as she is. She can be incredibly immature, but she knows her audience so she expresses things the way they need to be in the circumstances you put her in. She can help you in many ways, but she needs help too, you know, she's not perfect. People admire her for her singing, acting, and loving abilities. She is an angel that gets the point across in the silliest way possible. Love her forever, and don't push her into anything.
Megan just gave everyone a high five.

She's great at being positive.

I hope Megan isn't having a bad day today.
by I'mAMonkeyHaha March 30, 2019
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Megan's one of those people who are beautiful without knowing it and is loved but doesn't know it she needs help sometimes and that's ok, but the worst part about Megan breed is that you fall in love with them and then you can't fall out of love with her she knows you like her, so just ask her out already. Jeez
Person 1 . Wow Megan's so cool

Person 2. I think in love her tho
by UN original March 24, 2018
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A girl that you cant let go of, or stop thinking about. A girl that changes your life, and makes you believe in happiness and love and friendship. She is the most incredibly clever, intelligent, and beautiful girl. She is a girl you'll want to spend the rest of your life with. She is someone to give your whole heart to, and someone that will heal all your pain and worry and fear. A Megan is the girl you never thought existed, cause she is so perfect in every way
Boy 1: Wow, she's so pretty, who's that?
Boy 2: I heard her name is Megan.
Boy 1: It suits her. Pretty name for a pretty girl
Boy 2: True that.
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