(n.) A scapegoat is an event person or object that is used to lay the blame on for all that goes wrong, regardless of the contributions of others. This will usually carry on until the scapegoat has gone, or has managed to successfully defend itself against the arguements presented to it.

The word comes from Judaism. During mass reconciliation the rabbi would bring a goat to the alter. The sins of the people would be absorbed into the goat, and it would then be killed, its' blood staining the alter until cleansed. This is what Jesus Christ reflected in his crucifixion, being a scapegoat.

(v.) to make the scapegoat
I will not be made a scapegoat.

To be a scapegoat is to take heat.

Scapegoat was often burned, but sometimes the poor stole it and ate it.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 6, 2004
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The second tab you have open while watching porn in case somebody walks in on you.
Oh cool, is that Reddit/TIFU, what are you looking at?
I don't know, this is just my scapegoat.
by DaddyFliffus February 17, 2016
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contrary to popular belief, this is actually a goat who is trained in the art of escapology.
Man, I tried locking my friends goat in a box but it turns out it was a scapegoat
by Joe Corkill April 1, 2007
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Scapegoat is when: The Repubilcans can't fix a problem and blame it on non-christians (Iraq)

When parents are too lazy to raise their kids and blame videogames, rap music, etc. to hide the fact that they have poor parenting skills
Episode of Family: When people are protesting, Adam West uses his Political Diversions List. It reads: Outlaw Flag Burning, Use Escape Pod, Scapegoat the Jews, Suicide, Scapegoat the Blacks, Scapegoat the French, Scapegoat the Jews again (Call them New Yorkers), start a war, and Jingle Keys. He chooses "Jingle Keys
by Da Master K July 17, 2006
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Scapegoat came from ancient times when the people of the village would imprint their "sins" on a hapless goat and run it off a cliff; hence, the term came to mean blaming someone for other's faults. A martyr can be considered the scapegoat of the group he/she died for
Many people beleve Hitler made the Jews,the ultimate scapegoats.
by Lionwoman December 28, 2016
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One of Louis' false accounts.
Made to piss of people off.

Also an idiot.
by Bobby June 4, 2004
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Someone with that absorbs the negative image others don't want for themselves, as most people want to make themselves look good at any cost to others.
None of them wanted to become scapegoat, so they made him one to defer suspicion from themselves.
by The Original Agahnim September 5, 2021
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