A TV show that actually has very little to do with reality, so named just because corporate dumbfucks needed a buzzword to attract attention and they couldn't think of a term that actually fit.
by furrykef May 7, 2003
highly-overrated show which lately grows into many different variaties, yet such shows lack the "REALITY" itself.
One show that I can relate closer to reality is the news; if it even does tell the 'reality'.
by uglyron September 21, 2003
Dumping grounds for the dregs of television ideas; these shows represent the stupidity of not only television but the persons who watch them enough to keep them on the air. Each successive show is a crappy knockoff of another before it.
"Y'all catch that Fear Factor? That is a great reality show."
by Angry Man October 20, 2003
One of many popular disparaging nicknames for the 45th POTUS.
To me and to so many, he will forever be that reality show fucker!
by Dr Bunnygirl September 13, 2020
A slutty woman who appears on a number of reality television shows like Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Beauty and the Geek, A Shot at Love, etc in order to get famous.
Those girls on the VH1 Show, "I Love Money" are just Reality Show Ho's.
by spikey_dude55 August 25, 2008
(n) An easy way out of explaining unemployment or a euphemism for being unemployed.
Jill: So what exactly do you do for a living?
Michael: I'm a Reality Show Writer.
Jill: Wow, that sounds very interesting.
Michael: Well, it's actually quite boring, if you must know.
by kishmich April 27, 2010
A reality show person who changes behavior, usually more obnoxious, when the cameras are rolling.
John is always trying to be a bad ass when the cameras are rolling on that show. He's really just a wuss. What a reality show off.
by ideofrenik January 28, 2012