(n.) Alleged by many, but unproven either way occurence where someone on the brink of death experiences bliss, a tunnel with a light at the end, and a feeling of knowledge of all thier activities. The experiencer will claim to see any number of things, such as thier own (scientifically) dead body.
That guy has had a near death experience.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 8, 2004
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Bro 1: I almost drowned under a floaty yesterday lmao
Bro 2: bruh you had a near death experience
Bro 3: vibe check from god!!
by sawft April 15, 2020
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Masturbating while hung over, such that your headache makes you think you might have a stroke and/or you feel like you might be having a heart attack, yet you keep going.
"I had such a bad hangover headache I had a near death experience while rubbing one out. But once you get started, you have to keep going..."
by Mrjsmith March 2, 2009
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A vibe check from god. People call it almost dying but I call it a vibe check from god. :) your welcome.
You call it a near death experience, I call it a vibe check from god!
by KirbyVibe_Check November 5, 2020
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A state of a higher power of consciousness that occurs when one is so close to death that the awareness of impending death is like that of surfing the fringe of death itself, and in that of the most peaceful and assuring manner.
My pre near death experience of the car careening toward mine had me realize that my body could or may not survive the collision, and hence my consciousness felt as if given over to a higher power; a peaceful and sublime place of surrender in getting ready to cross over to the other side.
by SkinVoyage May 23, 2021
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