Jade is this awesome girl who is funny and always lights up a room with her smile. She makes you laugh when you swear you're about to cry. She trusts until she can't anymore, but only because you gave her a reason. She is loyal and sensitive and stands up for what she believes in. She believes in fairy tales and happily ever after. Don't mess with her or her friends, she'll make you regret it. She's popular and has been through so much. She won't let anything stop her from chasing her dream. She is consistently there for everyone and will never let you down. Once you meet her you have to hold on as tight as you can to her friendship and never let it go.
"Jade is my best friend."
by Smilz4evr April 12, 2013
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A girl who can be shy but is your best friend. She is loyal to anyone she cares for and will never betray you unless you give her a reason to. She makes mistakes but takes them in stride and learns from them. If she ever hurts anyone, she feels terrible and will do anything to make it up. She is extremely smart but very humble. She is strong, caring, and very loving. She will not approach you at first because she is a little uneasy but once you get to know her she opens up a lot. She has her imperfections but they are perfect. She's not snobby or rude. She's just Jade.
I wish I had a Jade. She could be my bae any day.
by LillianLove November 21, 2014
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Jade is a wonderful girl. She is beautiful and understanding, though a bit self judgemental at times. She cares about her friends more than anything, and feels like they could disappear at any moment. She’s had a hard life, so she’s gotten used to people not being a permanent fixture in that life, but will try to keep them there for as long as possible. She has kind, but tough eyes that show she will protect her friends no matter what it takes. Many guys like her, but it takes a while for her to trust people completely. All in all, she is the best friend you could have. Try as hard as you can not to lose her, because it’s guaranteed she’s doing her best not to lose you.
Oh my god, did you see Jade yesterday? She was so beautiful!”
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The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She is very funny and out going. Of course she is very HOT. She also take really good pictures. She is very trustworthy. She is a very awesome and amazing friend, and hope for more.
The Great Picture War Jade started and wins even tho she says she lost.
by Black Hawk Holmes May 14, 2014
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A beautiful/hot girl. You get just about everything with her. Jade's are usually very nice and you'd be lucky to have one as a friend.
by Jellybelly_09 November 24, 2013
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Female; She's the shit. Obviously, and it's impossible to forget her. Why? Because nobody forgets the most awesome people they will ever meet. She kicks complete ass. She is just a kick ass person.
Kim: Do you remember Jade?
Brizzle: How could you not remember her?
by alphawolfexc1993 April 24, 2013
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