A girl called rebecca’s boyfriend, joe, got impregnated by an alien and had triplets. rebecca then ate the alien mother to get revenge. the baby aliens were also eaten and tasted like deodorant wearing, goopy chickens with a hint of lemon and lime flavoured water.
“omg what have you been eating? your breath smells like edible baby aliens
by _heatopia420blazeitdawg July 16, 2019
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The sweet sweet nectars secreted in the anal cavity, and then combined for culinary delight.
Emeril: Now the Edible Butt Remix Au Natural is tantalizing by itself, but today, we are going to kick things up a notch with an Edible Butt Remix...AU FELTCH!
(Audience goes wild)
Emeril: Now, to obtain that delectable pungence distinctive of a gourmet butt remix, make sure your feltch stays marinated in the anal cavity for at least 3 hours. Thanks to the magic of television, I have pre-feltched juices ready to be added to our Butt Remix. And...BAM!
(Audience goes wild)
by lil'nasty nast Eve October 18, 2006
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Famous last words before someone tweaks the fuck out from eating a form of edible.
Guy 1: "Yo these edibles ain't shit-"

Guy 2: "Uh hah-hah. I know mannnnn I'm tweakin!"
by snerfl February 01, 2021
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A sex move where a man drips candle wax into the woman’s vagina and has sex with her.
Me- Dude, last night I did the Non-Edible Scented Hot Pocket, and she started bleeding
by voeqa February 23, 2021
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Hey joe, did you see Karen? She must have took an edible cuz she was actin sus
by Opppsas November 09, 2019
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Weed food you can eat and get high takes longer to kick in but it gets you more high can range from 5-20 dollars for one
Weed brownie edibles had me feeling right after that blunt my eyes are demon red
by KingInnaEarth February 02, 2021
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A group of friends that are crazy and most probably homo. Everyone is jealous of them and want to either be them or fuck them. You can’t become one- you are born one.
Dude 1: Woah bro who are they?!
Dude 2: Hah, You don’t know? They are THE edibles!
Dude 1: ...
Dude 2: I know man 🤤
by edible1&2 October 28, 2019
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