When you roll a joint on a girls ass and the weed crumbs drop in her kissy. SO while eating her out, you eat the crumbs. And later on, the high kicks in.
Keyz: Yo, I tapped Cara last night. Pussy edibles, kept me high all night.
by Bucket_Queen September 22, 2017
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when food or drink is spilled on work clothing.
Jim's shirt has enough salsa down the front to make it business edible.
by PogoMojo July 27, 2011
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they are edible objects that cannot be described any way other than increadible
man im so stoned, i need some incredible edibles
by garico October 01, 2013
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Trash ass edibles that taste like straight bunk and leave only the taste of cannabis oil behind, with no high whatsoever.
"I picked up some Dandy Edibles for us!"
"Oh no bro, go get your money back, you couldn't pay me enough to take that trash."
by cannabiscritique April 26, 2020
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Edible Weed. Slang for pot infused food
Bro, did you bring the edible arrangements? -Jack
Nah, dude, I was caught baking them. -John
by Crimson Ryoka April 27, 2015
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Food or other matter that has been previously consumed and brought back up through the asophogus in such a way that it can be eaten again.
"Wow, that cheesburger that you ate sure tastes good!"
by Freak Obscene April 24, 2004
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someone who is fine enough to eat, an extremely attractive person.
ooh girl LL Cool J is so damn edible-licious!
by Deelicious March 13, 2005
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