Don't shmoke dat grass man, you gonna turn into an isnt!
by the population of earth July 7, 2006
referring to a bulbous sexual organ, which all heterosexual men find attractive, or in reference to a specific sexual action that one would perform on another.
Give me one good reason as to why I should "isnt" all over her back.
something that is usually written on working fridges by bitches
how dare that bitch "this isnt working" my only loved fridge
by Aatishbazi launda swag mei December 8, 2021
1. One of the greatest bands in the unsigned South Jersey Music scene!

2. There music is sex on a CD.

3. The members arent bad too.
girl: did you see Isnt it always last night?
boy: HELL YEA I lost my virginity to them.
girl: Oh?
boy: nah.
by NJAT March 1, 2008
1)For something to not be what you thought it was.

Man: I thought that was all your real hair

Women: Yeah, thats right its fake!!

Man: Yeah, I see now "It is what it isnt"


Women 1:Girl, he has a lot of money and has nothing but the best.

Women 2:Who him?He works at the thrift store and lives with his mother

Women 1:Oh, So i guess "it is what it isn't"
by Tasha/impriss B. June 16, 2010
The fucking stupid thing that nobody has any idea what it fucking means
this isnt blank means:
Hey did you see today
yes I saw today he was wearing a nice outfit today it looked like
by 69fan69 April 30, 2020
He isn't real, it's just not true, too good to be true. If your here from years after, here's a bit of nostalgia <3
Markiplier and all of his friends and family telling the truth: Markiplier isnt real
by The truth about what is real January 9, 2021