the thing that is worse than a rapist
“there’s only one thing worse than a rapist
“a child”
by xolaugh April 15, 2018
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has the mental capacity of a peanut, no friends, no job so no money, mother usually a crack whore, sleeps with 20+ girls to feel something.
that boy hunter is such a child, his parents don't even want him.
by catslayer47 March 8, 2021
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1 a young master.
2 the other definitions are just people messing up the spelling of "child".
3 tartaglia from genshin impact that i didn't manage to pull.
the childe is very wise, despite his young age.
how the fuck did you get childe on your first pull.
by hispotatogals December 6, 2020
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please come home fatui boy i am desperate
childe please come home i need the ginger russian man
by viintage February 26, 2021
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A much more entertaining way of saying children.

Tip: even more amusing when said with a Southern accent :D
Teenage: "look mom! Them childs are running on our vegetable garden!"

Mom: *yells* "Y'all go back to your mommies ya hear!"
by Adelliepenguin July 3, 2014
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a wide eyed human of under 18 - eager to discover the world, but forced to attend a prison where they are force fed information and are left to be attacked socially by their peers while the teachers shrug. These poor creatures are in an environment where they are forced to fight tooth and nail to recieve a sliver of recognition from their peers.
by mintmyg October 30, 2019
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