When you are low on blood, you just eat an edible used tampon.
omg thats an edible tampon can i eat it cuz i dont want to go to the hospital or else ill get raped by the doctor wdfghferghnmgfghjgfdghfdsfgfdsfghfuikjiuojkhmgytghftrfgvfdesaxczsazAzXsaxcdsfvcbgfhnbjhmnbgfdcvbfdcxzxcvdsazxcvxzsZXcvfgdszxcvbnm,jhgvbcxzZXXczZxcvbfgdgnbmhj,JKHGJK<HGFDCXSDFGHJ<MgfXfvgdgvfdvCBgfdCVbgfDCVbNMjkhgFdSAzXCFv bNHjnmjKNBHGfCVXCcv bGfcv bgfC
by Pumpk1nlover February 19, 2021
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They are underwear that you can apparently eat. This is mainly just a joke, but there are things like this out there.

If someone wants edible undies, then you should know that those are FAKE. Usually.
Person one- OMG! I want edible undies like right now. Oh I’m looking at Craigslist and it says they’ve only been worn once!

Person 2- OMG yasS SUCH A GOOD DEAL! get them now it don’t matter that they’re used!
by Kihara Pseudonym April 09, 2019
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