Undergarments that you can eat. The consistancy is similar to fruit roll-ups.
I bought some edible undies, but I got stuck in traffic and ate them in the car.
by Angelo Da Sinni July 12, 2006
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A game where you engage in an activity that ideally and/or is safely done when sober after eating something infused with a drug—an edible. The game is to see if one can finish this activity or get most of it done before feeling the effects of the edible.
My friends and I played Chase the Edible as we did our five-hour long accounting homework.
by Dudebrodude123 October 06, 2019
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When working or studying and one goes to the fridge for food.

When you feel bad or have a lack of energy, and after food you feel better and up for it.
i was feeling so rought i diddn't want to come out tonight, but after some edible inspiration I felt great!
by jackhowell24 December 11, 2010
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The point at which an edible high becomes like a shroom high
Billy was so "edible smashed" that he was freestyling into his cup for the microphone effect.
by Thedude85 October 12, 2021
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when a member of the opposite sexes genitalia looks so delicious you could eat it.
Hey Baby, I just love your edible arrangement!
by rene bootmaker December 16, 2011
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Used to describe a food that can be eatin in a sexual manor.
A banana, yogurt, actually pretty much anything... "Wow Tony, you made that banana sexualy edible"
by Tyler Corperation April 03, 2009
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