Hacker from Montreal who hacked thousands of sites and networks related to racism. Most of the time he used a botnet called "iot_reaper" or "iot_troop" for doing denial of service attacks that he himself developed using the source of the popular mirai botnet.
The creator the iot botnet called "iot_reaper" is 3x
by Mr. John Black March 19, 2019
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A stupid censored version of sex. John, you can write an article about sex but you can't just write the word?
You are here: Home / Relationships / The Reason Why You Should Have $3x With Your Husband Every Night
ULY 18, 2017 BY JOHN
by angrywhitebitch422 July 18, 2017
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Thanks for actually searching something serious for once.

3x+1 is a mathematics problem. it goes like this:

take a number. any positive, whole number (not like -34 or 25.7751, but like 4, 39 or 249). if its even divide by two, if its odd, multiply by three and add one (thats what the name comes from). now repeat this, and eventually you should get to one, however this has not been proven even by the best mathematicians out there.
i have to type it here, so i guess: 3x+1
by 1 word and thats it September 15, 2021
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Tenth-cousin-thrice-removed (10C3R).
My tenth-cousin-3X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 27, 2021
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