a card game, short for the full name, Egyption Rat Screw. I very easy game to play but confuses the hell out of people when theyre trying to learn. similar.
by Katie March 7, 2005
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Stands for "Excessive Reloading Syndrome". Used in FPS games to describe someone that reloads whenever they shoot a bullet. Usually is a result of dying from not having enough bullets in the clip to kill someone, and then being killed by said person.
"I always reload after I kill someone, I think I have ERS."

Guy 1: "Dude, this guy reloads too much!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, he has ERS"
by FPSGuy251 November 8, 2011
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Emotional Road Show
The name of the band Twenty One Pilots tour.
"Hey are you going to ERS?"
by internet.rubbish February 20, 2017
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Interjection. A mix of the words 'error' and 'uh oh' Coined by Sarah Peterson of Seven Lakes High School. Pronounced ur-ur
Computer: Self destruct in 5 minutes.
Student: Er-Er...
by Terrarron October 26, 2010
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A commonly used filler word, to make up for the gaps in conversation. Tends to annoy the shit out of people for its overuse, and indicates that the user doesn't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.
Reporter: "You claimed that when you receive backlash, you should, quote, 'dab on them haters'. What do you propose should be done if the haters dab back?"
Jake Paul: "Er...well...er...that's an overused meme...er...WHAT ARE THOSE?!" *Flees the scene with his gang of fuckboys*
by Mickey_G_ April 13, 2019
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A covert reference to sexual activity, particularly in response to a non-sexual statement. Literally, the squeaking of a bed during sexual intercourse.
Gloria: Lisa, would you like help trimming that bush?
Kevin: Er-er.
Gloria: Huh?
by Mike December 27, 2005
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"Er" is used by all southside Dublin youths, who have stolen its regular use from St.Michael's College students who coined it in around 1983. Brought forward through the generations by the ever present Dr. David Wilson. It is an insult enhancer, to give it a bit more pop. It can also be used as an insult in itself. The most common definition for it is "gay" as the teacher who used it was a batty boy and said "Hell-er/Goodbye-er"...you had to be there really
"Er you fat loser"
"Er John Fucking Reid"
by mikey andreasson January 30, 2008
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