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an instrument shaped, held, and fingered much like a guitar, only cooler. bass players happen to be much much sexier than guitar players, despite popular belief. i would bang any bass player in a second, provided he was any good. double points if he's british..
Lisa: that guitarist is a glory hog, but the bass player is talented
Me: and damn sexy.
Lisa: agreed.
by Katie February 21, 2005

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See also charva.
This variety of (allegedly) human beings mainly habitate streets in the North East of England. Female charvers are recognised by their rock-solid fringes, loop earings large enough to be used as truck wheels, and the collection of scrunchies in their hair. The males are less distinctive, but can be differentiated from other breeds of human by the distinct lack of any common sense. The common charver hangs in herds of up to twenty, and can be easily tracked by following the clouds of cigarette smoke.
The charver reaches motherhood age at approximately 13 years, and gives birth to usually one live young. The charver will have many mates during it's lifetime.
Charver pastimes include smoking, scaring old people, and bullying young people. In the absense of other species to bully, the charver will turn on it's own kind.
No, we can't go shopping today, the charvers are after me again.
by Katie December 03, 2003

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To be slightly annoyed, specifically with someone or something.
Jane is a bit miffed with Sally.
by Katie October 08, 2003

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FFTL is a screamo band from Gainsville, Florida (except Sonny's from California, Derek is from there too, but moved to Florida to go to school. Travis is from Georgia. Matt's from Florida. Not sure where Jon is from). Matt is on guitar and does back up vocals, Sonny is on lead vocals and guitar for Kiss me I'm Contagious. Travis screams and does lead vocals on Kiss me I'm contagious and plays guitar. Jon screams or does "throat" and plays bass. Derek plays drums. Their debut EP was Asthetic with their original singer Phil and their debut albumn on Epitaph was Dear Diary My Teen Angst has a Bodycount with Sonny as their new singer, when Phil left before recording any vocals on Dear Diary.
I heart From First to Last
by Katie March 16, 2005

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Someone who does something that annoys you, makes you mad, or does something really stupid. Essentially, everyone is a poop head.
Saddam Hussein is a really big poop head.
by Katie April 03, 2003

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-She's Guaranteed to blow your mind

-Drop of a hat she's as willing as Playful as a pussy cat

-To absolutely drive you wild
"That woman is a Killer Queen."
by katie March 28, 2005

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Something that is higher in quality than all other things.
Peanut M&Ms rule!
by Katie March 30, 2004

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