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A meme on the Magic thread. Originally created to counteract the "stfu fag" troll. Other meme-persons have subsequently appeared.

Also, see katie, megan, aram the saviour, gustav, lee, and Pokey the penguin.
"no, you stfu, fag!

-eigenvector girl"
by Katie February 25, 2004
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Silly girlie whirlies say this word when they are being attacked by people with hair or sVedish accents.
EIK! Did you see that sVedish guy??
by Katie July 5, 2003
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a card game, short for the full name, Egyption Rat Screw. I very easy game to play but confuses the hell out of people when theyre trying to learn. similar.
by Katie March 7, 2005
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The real pronounciation of 'escape'. If any psychotic theRAPIST tells you otherwise, smack them. Repeatedly.
1) Let's escapay.
2) Look, a Ford Escapay!
by Katie February 21, 2005
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The two aliens in Invader Zim who are head of the Irken Empire. They are called this because they are the tallest of the Irkens.
The Almighty Tallest sent Zim to Earth on a fake mission just so they could get rid of him.
by Katie December 5, 2003
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When lovers go off by themselves to flirt and have sex and be romantic, as on May Day during the Renaissance
The two lovers went a-maying merrily into the springtime forrest.
by Katie April 21, 2005
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The man who yes may be sexy, dirty and may have worn a lot less then people are used to, but he is also a kind, giving and loving man who tryes to take care of himself and everybody and everything around him, people may look at a "socks in coks" picture of him and say what kind of pervert is he? But they would be wrong. He is so amazing and is lucky to be here today he fought with drug addiction and relapase for so many years taking drugs for the first time at the tender age of 11 and loosing his virginity at the same age but he's no pervert but a loving man (it does help that he so fucking hot!!:)He is also in the best rock band ever the red hot chili peppers and has been for 21 years. Amazing or what?
That Anthony dude is hot and he's so talented
by Katie March 18, 2005
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