Emotional describes someone who has shown a valid human response to a situation. This word is often misused to describe emotionally intelligent women in the workplace. There is a well-documented history of women being labelled as ‘emotional’ and ‘hysterical’ and therefore not equipped to lead.

Even presidential candidates fear being judged as emotional:
“It’s a really delicate balancing act—to be yourself, to express yourself, to let your feelings show, but not in a way that triggers all of the negative stereotypes.” –Hillary Clinton
After a difficult client meeting, Jane became emotional. One of her male colleagues rolled his eyes and the other went over to see if she was okay.
by Sexism Education March 6, 2022
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To evoke an extreme 'emotion'.
Tends to lean towards positive emotions but can refer to negative emotions as well. In slang terms however it only refers to abstract objects or experiences that the common use of emotional would never be used to define.

Reached it's peak in London vernacular around 2015.
'That jacket is emotional' - Correct
'That sandwich was emotional' - Correct
by DJDS December 14, 2018
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A nice way of saying someone is a raging cunt.
You: Hi there
Them: Fuck you
You: There is no need to get so emotional
by burning_bush May 23, 2010
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An odd state of confusion, usually resulting in either some form of mania or depression. Though, many people say these cannot possibly exist. A human does not "feel", as they are incapable of doing so. Basically, "emotional" is a word spawned by an evil imagination of dark fantasy.

Speaking the word itself is a taboo for men within America.
"Emotional? Isn't that that one kid who cries and listens to bad music?"
by Bucket Life October 1, 2007
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To be feeling more than one emotions at once.
Eg. You could be sad, proud, scared and happy
Ariana started to get emotional after hearing her family's bad news.
by Az.xa December 19, 2021
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Me: quit being some emotional


by Exhaustpipefucker November 11, 2020
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