pure hell which sets in a couple of days after a tooth extraction; usually wisdom teeth.

if your surgeon applies too much force when removing the teeth you are more likely to encounter this; it involves the bare jaw bone being exposed-- alowing bacteria and air to come in contact with it, causing pain that is unstopable by normal means such as Vicodin or Valium.
i was feeling fine after surgery then i got dry socket and now i just whence in pain all day.
by Zhen July 24, 2006
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Someone who can’t hold a texting conversation to save their fucking life.
Kara made me want to deep fry my left hand because she kept replying with “lol”. She’s such a dry texter.
by Kingsmith3 July 15, 2020
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The most satisfying wipe job performed for rectal cleansing post defecation. To dry wipe, one pinches a clean turd and the subsequent wiping of the ass results in the toilet paper being clean and "dry" and free of any fecal remnants.
Roger was already running late for work but he felt the urge to take a dump before embarking upon his long commute to the office. Fortunately for Roger and his high fiber diet, he was able to pinch off a clean loaf and was able to dry wipe thus saving him valuable time.
by Eaton Holgoode August 19, 2015
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to attack someone by surprise, to hit them when they least expect it, especially in the throat.

see sucker punch
and then i turned around and dry gulched the dirty son of a bitch.
by Dickie Moist October 07, 2003
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To indirectly snitch someone out, without actually informing on someone.
Russell flies Tom's Toy Helicopter on to the roof, Tom doesn't know yet. Dave is about to dry snitch.

Dave: Hey Tom, what's this remote control for?
Tom: That's for my new helicopter. Hey, where is it anyways?
Dave: Ohhh... I don't know, I saw Russell flying a helicopter earlier..
by ThatsNotNorml December 23, 2014
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