What you say when you are talking to washed-up hoes.
by Alfred1256 December 27, 2012
That of a person who sits cautiosly upon a washing machine while eating a muffin, NOT a crusty pie.
Tumble-Dry was waiting for Ken's lesson to be over with. She had laundry to do.
by The Spyder January 24, 2007
When it rains while you're out on a romantic date. You're both wet.

She invites you to her place, where you both have sex with your clothes on. The friction caused by you two tumbling around generates enough heat to dry your clothes.
During that storm last Saturday, Jenny invited me in to give me a tumble dry.
by NlightN1 March 15, 2013
the extreme of rough. taken straight out of the setting for drying your clothes comes this definition of a rough night.
When the word rough doesn't cut it anymore and you need to give it more and make it clear to another person that it is extremely rough.

It can also be used to describe apparel or appearance of a person. And can be described as an action.
A: so after i awoke after taking heroin me and my friends ran for 4 miles from the the cops
B: dude that's rough and tumble dry

Wu-Tang Clan is rough and tumble dry

Fight Club basement is rough and tumble dry
by lzfreshtadeath May 11, 2008