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1) Smoking PCP but you think it's marijuana. Then you run around like Chris Tucker from Friday geeking the fuck out. 2) When a girl creams herself after getting turned on
"Hey Andy, I didn't know you like getting wet homeboy." or "damn, I got that chick getting all wet while she was giving me head."
by JT the bigga figga October 25, 2007
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"Yo, I didn't know Shorty Do-Wop was getting wet! I seen her at the dope spot buyin' some Boat." Note: "Boat" and "Lovely" are shortened versions of "Love Boat" - the name commonly used on the streets of Washington D.C. when discussing PCP.
by SmartBrother July 27, 2014
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Another word for chaw, more popular in the midwestern area. When one stick a large amount of chewing tobacco in the side of the gums and cheek.
Man, is Doug getting wet?
Yeah i just saw him put away his Red Man.
by crazyredman September 30, 2009
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when someone drifts around a corner perfectly and/or if someone does something cool
AWW! u see him hit that jump? he was GETTING WET!!
by MAC510BAYAREA August 03, 2009
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