1. A popular method of selecting recipients of the Darwin Award. It consists of eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon, which will inevitably cause extreme difficulty in breathing and leaves the poor sucker couching up clouds of condiment while they try to keep their lungs functioning. The challenge often results in collapsed lungs, pneumonia, and costly visits to the ER to save someone who honestly doesn't deserve to live after doing something so utterly fucking dumb.

2. Russian roulette, except with food.
After attempting the cinnamon challenge, Chris said with his final breath, "YOLO."
by A guy with common sense December 5, 2013
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When you take a spoon full of cinnamon and try and swallow it, but you can never get it down and end up coughing it up while your friends laugh at you.
A. dude last night i did the cinnamon challenge and my friend anna took a video and posted it on facebook!

B. haha, that sucks.
by caramel flipper August 22, 2011
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a challenge that you take part in after making your facebook status " 50 likes and i'll do the cinnamon challenge." the cinnamon challenge is done like this: you take a teaspoon of cinnamon, tilt your head back, dump the cinnamon in and try to swallow it. it is extremely difficult and painful
Lindsay: 100 likes and I'll take the cinnamon challenge!
(5 minutes later)
Lindsay: (barfing in sink)
by HPfangirl January 28, 2012
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An activity that involves idiotic people trying to swallow a spoonful of plain cinnamon. It ends up making your throat dry enough to make it feel like its burning. Stupid people try this. lol idk
Boy 1: Dude lets try the Cinnamon Challenge!
Boy 2: *swallows cinnamon* OMG I CANT BREATH THIS IS HELL!!!
by blank69696969696969696969;) February 22, 2012
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A prank in which one person dares another to swallow, without the aid of water, a spoonful of ground cinnamon within sixty seconds. The spice dries the challenge taker's mouth and is almost impossible to swallow. Some accidentally inhale the cinnamon which causes temporary but severe chest pain, much to the amusement of the challenger.

Challengers use prize money as persuasion.
"Dude, come here!"
"Ever heard of the Cinnamon Challenge?"
"No, what is it?"
"See if you can swallow this spoonful of cinnamon in under a minute."
"Because I'll give you five dollars if you can do it."
(ten seconds later)
"Ahuuuuuuuh! Ahouhou! Ugh that's awful!"
by Lcdmatthews May 21, 2008
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Never accept this challenge. The cinnamon challenge is a classic prank for a game of truth or dare, or it can just be fun to watch others attempt it. The point if the challenge is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon, which is near impossible. The cinnamon quickly dries up your mouth, and you will quickly choke if you attempt to breath out of your mouth or talk.
Me: "Dare"
Friend: *takes out cinnamon and a spoon* "cinnamon challenge!"
by J¡ffyLube November 12, 2011
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The cinnamon challenge is a well known dare, where you must swallow a tbl , spoon of Cinnamon without puking or inhaling the cinnamon dust . It went very viral in 2006 and has been attempted and uploaded to you-tube many times.
Go to youtube and type it in ' Cinnamon Challenge'
by SkrillexPartier January 5, 2012
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