When a person is lacking the ability to communicate - due to the opposite person receiving them to be anything else but fraudulent about their character or representation. Also describes to be the act of starting meaningless conversation or interaction.
She knows I don't like her- that conversation was so dry.
by DjNneka August 27, 2014
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The basically the opposite of drip, when u claim u can dress then don’t meet any expectations.
“How you send a video of a fire fit, then when u at school u wearing filas. The fit juss so dry.”
by JussSpeakingFacts January 12, 2022
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When drugs become hard to get hold of in a specific area,
"Its so 'dry' here, i am absolutely gagging for a spliff."
by George Worthington November 20, 2003
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When someone is very blunt. The comment comes across as cold, mean, disrespectful, insulting or a burn.
Me: I just got a new hair cut what do you think?
You: Don't worry it'll grow out.
Me: Dry
by KorrieKarlKayKarlene July 6, 2017
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when someone says a joke and it's stupid it's dry
<Insultor> Yo momma is so fat that when she sat on the rainbow skittos popped out!

<Insultee> THAT WAS DRY!! Like yo upper lip
by AC December 7, 2003
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An unfortunate term used to describe a place or event consisting of 0% alcohol.
Roommate A:This bar sucks because it ran dry.

Roommate B:Let's go back to our place and continue the party there. At least we're stocked up for Armageddon.

Roommate A: Great idea. This place sucks anyway

Random-ass person: WOOOOOOO, PARTY TIME!!!
by Sluggish Addreall May 5, 2019
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Insultingly Funny, but True
Adam: What do you think of my haircut:
Steve: Dude, that haircut is lame!
Adam: :(
Steve: Dry!
by Mr.Knight July 10, 2011
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