the act of overachieving without any results or purpose.
Telling a joke but nobody laughs afterwords.
Worrying about unnecessary topics.
Irritating a person, whether purposely or unaware

Example 1: Joe-"I finished my project yesterday!"
Kevin-"But it's not due until next Friday.."
Joe-"Yah, I just stayed up until 3 o' clock doing it."
Kevin-"Aw, you're doin' too much.."

Example 2: Dion-"I wore a Hollister shirt yesterday,
now i'm afraid that i'll become a different person if
i start wearing it regularly. i should put this as my
Facebook status!"
Jay-"You're doing too much.."
by Jay Bird To The November 13, 2010
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The 2017 way to say ,overreact and assume without letting the other person explain th
Mom-“Bruh why did you not watch the plates!?”
Mariam- “Mom it was Mary’s turn to do it, you doing too much.”
by Your welcome for the definitio December 13, 2017
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ET when he get in that mode fr or someone who just does the most
Oh is that Eric T ? He Mr. Do Too Much.
by That guy 556 January 10, 2022
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When yo bitch ass those more than there supposed to usually white people are the ones doing this
Sury-you do too much


Sury-So u white white
by Sury April 28, 2019
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Bringing people supplies they don't need and didn't order is doing too much, as some people call it. The reality is people can get their own shit.
He/she was looking to make some money, so he/she brought supplies door to door hoping somebody would buy their shit. He/she was doing too much, as some people call it.
by Solid Mantis February 12, 2021
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