An asshole alien with a large finger that it uses to violate innocent men, women, children, and doggies alike.
Someone: Oh my God, an Alien! Noooo!!!
by Erc the Great May 24, 2011
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A stupid alien with a BIG onion head and stupidly long cringy fingers that are large enough to wank a dozen cocks at once also this ET thing goes around in a little bike tryna phone home like BITCH you don't have a home
ET: ET phone home
Child: wtf you don't have a home

ET: *some alien shit*
Child: bruv learn English
by Fanny flapper August 29, 2016
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ET is an inside joke that basically says that you're extremely good at vsrg game (Vertical Scrolling Rhythm Game)
A- I just got pass on Lv.150 HX on o2
B- what wtf ET
by wksl0182 May 24, 2020
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"E.T." Is an abbreviation for "end-transmission"

-it is used on the internet, during Chat talk

- it probably derived from the military, but it does not mean the same thing in context, (... unless you want it to.)

-Its very versatile

- (I am an exchange student in Amsterdam, So no one back home know how awesome it is.... yet!!)

-its awesome b/c it says "Got-to-go" when you really: "HAVE TO GO NOW!"

Number 1:(polite)

Girl101: hey i g2g b4 i am really late for wrk...

Girl101: anything else to say? can we ET?

Bff_ashly86: GO!

Bff_ashly86: ET.

Number 2: (rude)

10:26:35 PM GfAli_sunshine: …And then she says….
10:26:40 PM GfAli_sunshine: … So he said…
10:26:45 PM GfAli_sunshine: THEN I said lol, jk, now way
10:27:47 PM GfAli_sunshine: No **Way

10:28:00PM BF_Mike01: uh huh….. hey I gtg..
10:28:00PM BF_Mike01: ET.
10:28:00PM BF_Mike01: (is offline….)

Number 3: (Fast & polite)

person 1: ET? ---->(may i go now please?)

person 2: ET. -----> (by all means, do what you must)
by MHE (that's ME) April 10, 2010
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When the tips of two dudes' dicks touch one another and they both cum at the same time. It also works women (whether it's lesbian or just heterosexual).
I was about to bust a nut and we ETed; next you know, we're both covered in cum.
by You speaka engrish September 21, 2018
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1. Extra Terrestrial
2. A rate (job) in the Navy which stands for Electronics Technician. The smartest group of individuals in the Armed Forces, let alone the Navy.
1. The Japanese still love that movie ET.
2. 'We need to get the system up! Call an ET over here now!'
by dougesoul March 27, 2003
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A short form of the game Enemy Territory. Not to be confused with E.T, the lonely extraterrestrial.
ETPLAYER: I'm going to go hope and play ET!

Ignorantloserdude: *snicker* You still like that stupid Alien. ET Sucks!!

ETPLAYER: *bang*
by Ajpotter April 27, 2004
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