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A group of people who strayed away from playing call of duty to wank off with their vloging cameras and bitch about trying different things with csgo when no one gives a fuck. People want them to go back to trick shotting but there main reply in a nutshell is "fuck you were expanding"
Why do they call it FaZe Clan? You can't win a game in call of duty using you're canon camera.
by Pull-up-skrt August 21, 2017
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A group of Call of Duty Quickscopers and Trickshotters that was started from 2011 to present day.
I just saw the new FaZe Clan video but sadly it sucked.
FaZe has tiny scopes in their pants.
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by The Masons on YouTube June 11, 2017
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A CSGO once COD clan who choke in important matches.. especially to T2 teams like fnatic and Cloud9
“It’s 14-3.. let’s not pull a FaZe Clan”
by MateNoah March 05, 2018
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people with no life that play cod or fortnite but are horrible at minecraft
look at that faze clan member as lil billy sang minecraftcito
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by daber69420noscopeligma November 26, 2018
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