used when someone gets punk'd, trys to act tight but they ain't, or trys to be hard but they are pussies
me: shut yo ass up nigga
friend: dude stop making fun of me man
by CHRIS ROCK April 20, 2004
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To knock someone off there ass , to hit someone in there face or somewhere on the head.
Guy 1: *runs at guy 2 and hits him in the face*
Guy 3: "damn.. he just stow yo bitch ass..
Guy 2: *KO*
by Hyrohimaru June 1, 2010
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what soulja boy does. regularly.
I'm jockin on yo bitch ass.
by a rab. November 2, 2007
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To hit someone across there face.
White Guy: *hits black guy 1 in the face.*
Black Guy 1: *hits white guy across face and knocks him out*
Black Guy 2: "Damn.. he spurred yo bitch ass.."
by Hyrohimaru June 1, 2010
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