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Max is definitely the most unique and incredible person in this world. He has the biggest heart and no one can deny his extraordinary and hilarious personality. He has a way with making people feel so special. He's truly beautiful inside and out but not in a cocky way at all. Granted, he makes a lot of mistakes, mistakes that could be completely avoided, but he handles them with such grace and learns from them quickly. His strength shines through everyday and its extremely hard to block him out of your life once he's in it. Max is just Max. You have to love him, or hate him.
Max is who he is. Love him or hate him.
by lovernotafighter<3 November 12, 2010
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A Max is a great guy that spends a lot of time on the internet but values his real friends just as much. Great with girls, charming and pretty good looking, although often quite short. You won't regret being friends with, of dating, a Max, as he is very committed to friendships and relationships. If you're feeling down, Max will be the one to cheer you up with his good sense of humour and kindness.
Girl 1: So how's your new boyfriend?
Girl 2: Amazing! He's kind, funny, charming and pretty good looking, definitely a Max
Girl 1: Oh my god, you're so lucky!!!
by TheOneAndOnlyKobra9 March 29, 2014
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Max is special. He has this smile that just brightens up your whole day. He has a great sense of humor, and has a great taste in tv shows. He is extremely confusing, you'll never know what he honestly thinks about you, but that's okay, cause maybe you don't really need to know. Just seeing him makes you smile. He's a great guy, and whoever ends up with him is a very lucky person.
"Woah is that Drake?"
"Nah, that's just Max."
by Nerual_laureN July 26, 2014
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Max can be a handsome guy who is incredibly sweet and funny. They are beautiful both inside and out. They have a great sense of humour with a merry laugh tinkling along with it. Their eyes are a mystical colour that makes you welcome anywhere near them whilst inviting you to just be yourself even in company that you wouldn't be with. Lastly they are so damn SEXY!!!!
P1 : Who's that guy? He seems nice...
P2 : That's Max
P1 : I'm in love with that sexy beast already!
by Sexy Beast Finder November 28, 2012
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Max is kind,funny,and a savage 24/7. He had a big cock and makes you scream oh I want some more..
Max is great.
by Venomous Squirrel October 10, 2017
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Max is a Greek name meaning "Large Penis". Max is amazing with the ladies and is great to be around. He is funny and amazingly intelligent.
Wow, I wish I was more like Max, he's amazing!
by Koonitz July 19, 2011
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