A term used for having sex. Fabric softener can also be used when doing the laundry
"I did the laundry last night." "Did you use fabric softener?"
by BJW March 30, 2004
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When Kate, Mrs. Laundry, gets together with Chris, Mr. Laundry, and they're non-responsive for several hours while her away message reads "Doing laundry, brb"
Liz and I tried to instant message Kate, but she was too busy doing laundry. I hope she remember her "fabric softener" and cleaned up the "detergent" afterwards.
by The ever-awesome Ryan March 2, 2005
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The act of masturbating into a sock, so as to catch the mess for easy clean-up.
I was thinking of you when I was doing laundry last night.
by TommyDee January 25, 2008
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The act of a woman sucking a mans rod, down to the balls and wet.
My girlfriend came over last night and did my laundry.
by Wyatt July 15, 2003
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Definition 1: To wash dirty clothes in order to wear them again

Definition 2: Code name for jacking off
Def. 1: Man! all my good shirts are dirty! looks like im gonna spend the day doing laundry.

Def. 2: I don't want anybody to come over tonight, my girlfriend just blue-balled me, and it looks like im spending the night doing laundry....again
by Sublime300 June 19, 2008
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v. Code word for drinking alcohol. Can commonly be confused with actually washing clothing; can lead to confusing conversations.

Emily: What are we doing tonight?

Laura: Doing laundry. ;)

Emily: Great. Where's the detergent?
by Garlic Hummus April 1, 2009
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Code name for smoking weed so you are not to reveal your true intentions to other bystanders that may be listening to the conversation
"Hey Mr. Laundry, are you Doing Laundry?" "Sure, do you wanna do a quick rinse cycle or a full load?"
by The OG Laundry Man January 10, 2018
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