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What someone says to themselves after they've sexually satisfied themselves.
Wife: (whispers to herself) "that's better."
Husband: (Wakes up and looks at wife) "What'd you say? Are you talking in your sleep?"
Wife: (acting as if waking up) "Oh. I guess I was."
by von groovy June 29, 2017
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A phrase used that indicates a few years, but not as much as "back in the day."
Kari: "Remember when you made it with Jeff? EW!!!"
Lori: "That was like 3 phones ago, bitch! I'm not like that anymore!"
by von groovy April 6, 2019
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The place where someone lives, but only feels free when out of it because they do not own it and they must live by the rules of the owner.
Ledbetter texted me to pick him up soon 'cause he wanted out of the cage.
by von groovy May 16, 2017
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When one engages in anal sex who has not done it before. Once you've put a part of your body you are never the same again and there is no return to who you were before.
Kerry knew that once she allowed Hans to enter the cave of no return he and she would never be the same and their relationship will have transformed into something else.
by von groovy June 22, 2019
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Something Trump doesn't give a fuck about. Now, money and power are another story.
I was living the other day in the environment just like all humans do and realized that the U.S. President doesn't give a fuck about it.
by von groovy June 3, 2017
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The region from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins most call the Front Range, but those who live a bit more of a nonconformist life live in the Front Strange.
Hopped up on hops, chilled on kush, and damp in the pants from some elevation action at Red Rocks, Aaron was loving life on the Front Strange.
by von groovy March 1, 2019
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The opposite of someone who is disabled. This is an able-bodied person who manipulates the system to get out of working, being a responsible parent, and a productive citizen.
Paul: My great uncle's V.A. benefits continue to get cut. He literally eats a can of beans for dinner to save for gas money to drive 83 miles each way to the V.A. hospital each week! Meanwhile, his neighbor - an able-bodied fuck - has never worked, has the government pay for his kid's daycare, gets free bus passes that he throws away, sells his EBT benefits for weed, and brags about how he rips off the government that he hates!!
Steve: He was a sniper in the Marines, right?
Paul: Yeah, he was. 23 kills.
Steve: He should shoot that enabled trash.
by von groovy June 12, 2017
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