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The warden was very displeased that the convicts were not keeping their shit-ass fuck sticks clean and infections were a crisis
by von groovy September 15, 2019
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A piece of clothing that should not exist and is merely a device for too skinny women to complain that the office is too cold when everyone else is comfortable.
Michelle complained that it was too cold when the thermostat was set at 70. Meghan told her to go get her office summer sweater and a bowl of pasta so she could warm up and fill out her sandals.
by von groovy May 12, 2019
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A cigarette that makes one snicker, laugh, giggle and so on - a joint, blunt, doobie.
I feel so bummed. I need a snickerette to bring some laughs into my life.
by von groovy July 3, 2019
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This stands for Random Accessible Manhood. In many circumstances, men need to access certain degrees of manhood to accomplish a task. Sometimes the accessible degree of manhood is random and over or under the degree needed which can make him look like a hero or a hoser.
While nursing his fifth dry stout, the fetching barmaid, Maddie asked Beau to open a fresh jar of olives. Instead of accomplishing this request with ease, Beau struggled and felt humiliated. Oddly enough it was not eight moments later when he quickly cooled a conflict between two meatheads. Maddie comped him another pint and said his R.A.M. made him mysterious.
by von groovy June 19, 2017
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Combination of feelings and news - Social Media. A sickening and pathetic way to learn about the way the world is through social media considering people who use it lie, exaggerate, and ignore the facts.
Dude: I don't listen to Hoagie anymore. He don't know squat.
Guy: Why's that?
Dude: He gets all his information from the feews. He now insists the world is flat cause some jackholes in Utah posted it so.
Guy: Yeah, he's dim. Where's Utah?
Dude: Hoagie says it's in Iraq.
by von groovy May 19, 2017
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A person who makes tragic situations magically appear out of nowhere.
Randy was a real tragician who could turn anything fun into a sad, miserable situation.
by von groovy May 14, 2019
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Love juice that develops when someone sees a post that induces successful masturbation.
Connor was scrolling through online and saw an image that demanded action. As he was cleaning up his post paste, his mom walked in and expressed her disappointment.
by von groovy February 22, 2019
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