person who is on a quest to get chicken wings but always runs into obstacles that prevent him from obtaining this desire.
I ordered chicken wings at the bar and Eric ordered right after me and the bartender told him the kitchen was closed.
by restless rotini August 28, 2020
Eric is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He will be very tall and sexy. He is going to be shy at first but as soon as he opens up to you you will wish you met him before. Eric is the cutest person in the world and you won't regret meeting him. I promise you that if you ever meet an Eric you will fall in love with him. He will treat you like you're his Queen and he will be faithful only to you. He will make sure that you know how much he loves you everyday and he will be the sweetest guy ever. Not to mention that he is incredibly good looking and funny. All the other guys will be jealous because they are not Eric. If you ever get the chance to date an Eric than take it. Personally, I have an Eric and I wouldn't trade him for the world! Eric's are the type of guys that you will want to spend every second of your life with and marry. They are genuine people and they always know what to say to you. They will be very protective and jealous. They will want everyone to know that you're theirs. And if you're smart enough, you will let everyone know that he is yours.
Eric is so cute. I can't believe that he is mine.. he is just so perfect!
by pandalover420555 November 5, 2014
Short for erection. Eric's are people with rock-hard dicks 24/7
by Demarr November 21, 2016
The action of pulling an all nighter becasue they procrastinate their homework
I stayed up all night doing homework but really got nothing done, I just pulled an Eric
by Trash_Can_ November 6, 2018
A guy who is a protector of all the sticks he finds and will do anything he can for the sticks
Wow that guy is a total Eric
by Mustache415 June 21, 2019
He’s cool, funny, and sometimes sad. He can cheer you up or even make you cheer him up. Eric is dependable, sometimes, and will always be at your side even if he’s not your friend.
Eric helped me when I was at my lowest point
by HecTiic November 14, 2018