A number between 5 and 6. It was created by Carly from iCarly.
1: What is that new number T-Bo was talking about?
2: Oh yeah! That is derf.
by 2000s Kids Are Better April 09, 2018
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a slang term for dry humping. Involves sexual contact through clothes
Did you get way derfing her last night.
by derfsurfer April 30, 2009
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A new number that will be made globalized and reprinted into every dictionary, schoolbook, printed onto every calculator, and everywhere else that contains numbers, as of June 27th 2063. It is between 5 and 6 and is a combination fo both. It has the top of a 5 and the bottom of a six.
One, two, three, four, five, derf, six ...
by mizzlefftie012 July 15, 2011
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Someone who is an idiot, annoying person, jerk, etc.

The act of doing something stupid, lame or annoying.

Something that is rather lame, tedious, annoying, uncool, bad, etc.
Schmitty: That Shane guy is such a derf.
Joe: Yeah, he really derfed up that photo.
Cameron: It was such a derfy thing to do.
Brodie: Derfalicious indeed.
by camblyth June 20, 2011
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