Cooper is very close to you.
Cooper - I’m in your walls I’m in your walls I’m in your walls I’m in your walls I’m in your walls I’m in your walls
by jsanders November 25, 2021
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if you know a Cooper, you are very lucky.. Cooper is usually tall and has blue eyes, he isnt the best looking, though. Cooper is the realest, coolest, funniest, most true person you will ever meet. He will also be the best boyfriend you will EVER have! You can trust him with anything.. he will never tel anybody if you dont want him to. Cooper is usually lonely and has never really had a girlfriend for some reason they just want him as a buddy.. I feel bad for him, GIRLS GET ON THIS MAN!!
Lmaoo Cooper you are my bestfriend.. you are soo funny!
by Daddy53 October 19, 2019
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a really cool guy who is awesome to be around. His great body is rivaled only by his charm. He is not good at spelling. He's the guy who always answers the door when domino's knocks.
"Daddy, can i be as cool as Cooper when i grow up?"
"You wish"
by Coopa King August 25, 2015
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Someone who a really thick and long cock. He screams sexyness
He must be a cooper if that's his dick
by Megan fuller February 16, 2018
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Cooper is tee most amazing guy you will ever meet. He has all the girls crushing on him, and he flirts with them too. But he usually is only thinking about one girl all the time, the girl he truly cares for. If you hurt the people he loves, then you better watch your back. He’s the class clown, who can make a person smile within a few seconds of talking to them. Cooper has a dark secret on the inside, but covers up the sadness with his humour. His blue eyes and blonde hair have the girls come running. If you ever meet a Cooper, NEVER let him go for as long as you live. Love Cooper with everything you have.
Wow, that guys SUPER funny!
Yeah, the name Cooper fits him!
by Snak3yWak3y March 17, 2020
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Cooper is a weird guy, he often times plays multiple sports and loves time with his friends... He can never hold onto a girl but when he does it's forever, if your lucky enough to date a cooper you'll kiss every time you come home, every time you leave and you'll always miss his touch.
Man I can't wish to get back home to Cooper...
by Idiot 2 October 14, 2020
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