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A super confident and handsome guy. He is very outgoing, and has a lot of friends. He is the class clown, and he tries his hardest to be the center of attention. He's the most loyal friend you'll ever have, always sticking by your side. You can trust him with pretty much anything, and he won't tell a soul. He's a great encourager and he often gives good advice. He is strong-willed and fights tirelessly for the things he believes in. He cares about all of his friends and family, and he will make sure to take good care of them. He is very competitive in most games and sports. His eyes are a beautiful blue, and his smile will make your day. His laugh is contagious and his company is enjoyable. He's talented and he wears it proudly! Cooper is a true friend. Once you have his friendship, it'll be pretty hard to lose it!
Isn't Cooper the most loyal friend you've ever had?
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cooper is the best guy youโ€™ll ever find. he knows how to light up your day. he helps anyone that needs it and is always there for you. if you date a cooper, youโ€™ll always miss him and his smile, his laugh and his kindness. man, everyone wants to date a cooper.
cooper is great.
by thikki nikki June 23, 2018
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a really cool guy who is awesome to be around. His great body is rivaled only by his charm. He is not good at spelling. He's the guy who always answers the door when domino's knocks.
"Daddy, can i be as cool as Cooper when i grow up?"
"You wish"
by Coopa King October 05, 2015
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Cooper is not a man but a boy, alass.. hes really f*ckn adorable. And youll want to pinch his cheeks. Hes the sweetest guy youll ever meet. But hes a pistol:))
Cooper is so cute omfg
by Love_muppin January 03, 2019
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one sexy individual
someone that ooses sex apeal. an extremely wanted person
.Ooo look at that cooper
.that cooper is so fine
by stuff_this July 05, 2006
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if you know a Cooper, you are very lucky.. Cooper is usually tall and has blue eyes, he isnt the best looking, though. Cooper is the realest, coolest, funniest, most true person you will ever meet. He will also be the best boyfriend you will EVER have! You can trust him with anything.. he will never tel anybody if you dont want him to. Cooper is usually lonely and has never really had a girlfriend for some reason they just want him as a buddy.. I feel bad for him, GIRLS GET ON THIS MAN!!
Lmaoo Cooper you are my bestfriend.. you are soo funny!
by Daddy53 October 19, 2019
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