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a really cool guy who is awesome to be around. His great body is rivaled only by his charm. He is not good at spelling. He's the guy who always answers the door when domino's knocks.
"Daddy, can i be as cool as Cooper when i grow up?"
"You wish"
by Coopa King October 05, 2015
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one sexy individual
someone that ooses sex apeal. an extremely wanted person
.Ooo look at that cooper
.that cooper is so fine
by stuff_this July 05, 2006
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Cooper: usually has a massive penis. Super attractive. One of the best people in the world. Not only is he good looking, but he is the most humble and sweetest guys out. Always willing to listen and help you out. If you know a cooper you are very lucky especially if his last name is valentine.
Girl1: that cooper guy is so sweet and good looking

Girl2: yep I would date him in a heartbeat
by Swag overload May 25, 2014
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the most amazing guy i have ever met, he always knows how to make me smile and just talking to him makes my day better. i want to be with him forever! he is indescribable in everyway and i couldnt ask for anyone better. i love you so much!
by kay baby January 02, 2009
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Cooper: A person (Male or Female) who is the sexiest person alive. A Cooper always has enough sexyness for the entire world. A Cooper is so sexy that they sometimes have sex overloads and explode with sexyness.
A Cooper does not need an example he is too sexy for one!
by CooperBeast December 28, 2010
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Greatest Brewers in the entire world, famous for their Pale Ale amongst others.
Fuck oath this is a great brew, must be a coopers.
by Duncan September 07, 2003
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