A word used, usually by fools, to tell people they disagree with them
You must be backwards if you don't think like me
by Backwards February 1, 2004
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A dance in which the girls ask the guys.
"Jeremiah, will you go to backwards with me?"
by lucy March 3, 2005
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n. A state or condition of being extremely muh fuggin pissed off, as when wondering aloud what the hell is wrong with that dressing room 'cause that shit is lookin' smalla than a decimal.
"You just wanna see a nigga backwards, don't you?" - Swift of D12, "My Band"
by John June 25, 2004
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In southern slang, can sometimes refer to a homosexual or practicing homosexuality. Some people just throw the derrogatory slang term "Backwards mechanic," which is an old term dating back to the 1980's in reference to a gay person.
Bob: "Well larry... you know... he's backwards; he likes to play in the dirt."

Rob: "What do you mean?"

Bob: "Meaning larry is gay."
by bchc2003 October 10, 2017
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