This show is hilarious. All of the people writing these definitions of iCarly must have it confused it with a Disney channel show. iCarly is my favorite show in the world!
ICarly is awesome and makes me pee in my pants.
by AwesomePerson1121 April 2, 2016
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Some few years ago...
Nickolodeon was going down. Old favorites like Spongebob and Drake and Josh were coming close to an end. It seemed as if they were doomed. However, out of the darkness came a hero. A rescue team, set out to design the perfect teen comedy show, and rescue Nickolodeon. Unfortunately however, an unfortunate mistake occured in the idea room, and the most terrible thing ever created was born...iCarly!!! Quickly, the developers knew it would wreck havoc on its viewers so they stored in an under water cage...

2 years ago....

A satellite crashed into the ocean, waking the terrible monster iCarly from its deep sleep. It walked out and began terrorizing manhattan. A Holy Shit protocol was activated and manhattan was nuked in an attempt to destroy the iCarly monster........

Help us....It's still alive
Guy 1:Holy Shit did you see that thing!

Guy 2:Yeah! What the fuck was it?
Military:ITS iCARLY!!!!
by garuda1 August 17, 2009
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Quite possibly Nickelodeons worst attempt at a show aimed at teens. The show mainly consists of Carly and her friend Sam(who Everyone always laughs at for having neglectful parents). There's also a homosexual kid in it named Freddy whos mom is always trying to give him baths and trying to put all kinds of ointments and lotions on him. They make crappy web shows that nobody thinks is funny at all.
Im telling you, this is not an exaggeration of an iCarly scene.

Carly: "Hey Freddie." Laughtrack plays
Freddie: "I love you." Laughtrack plays
Sam: "I want to eat chili." Laughtrack plays
by Fudog July 17, 2009
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Nickelodeon's horrific version of Disney's "Hannah Montana". The story revolves around an unfunny girl named Carly Shay who lives with her artistic yet irresponsible brother Spencer and is treated like a celebrity wherever she goes because of her famous yet awfully uninteresting webshow "iCarly". Everyone at school admires and envies Carly for her intelligence and "humor". Despite doing bad things from time to time Carly always gets away with it because she's so perfect. If I were to rename her, it would be "Mary-Sue".

At Carly's side are her two friends Sam Puckett and "Fredward" Freddie Benson. Sam is Carly's best friend and co-host of iCarly who has poor etiquette and awful anger issues. She also lives in a home with her deadbeat, mentally disturbed mother. Although Sam is a bad influence for children her character is probably the least bit of concern on this show. Next we have Freddie Benson, Carly's neighbor and tech-producer for iCarly. Like the VAST majority of the male characters who were on this show, Freddie loves Carly and wishes he could date her. Freddie has an overprotective mother who will stop at nothing to protect him from things he doesn't even need protection from.

Spencer Shay is Carly's brother and guardian. While he is a great artist, he is an awful guardian who gives in to Carly's desires. Carly is more of a guardian to him that he is to her. He's willing to take her wherever she wants to go (ex, Hollywood, Idaho) and lets her do whatever she wants. Carly can tell him what to do (stop fencing, do the dishes) but when he tries to enforce something Carly can refuse and get away with it.

In conclusion, iCarly is a shallow, sucky show for bratty tweeny boppers who rely on awful actors/actresses, singers, and TV shows to be their influence and idols.
Girl1: Did you see the episode of iCarly where Carly dates the "bad boy" then makes fun of him for having "pee wee babies" which causes him to break up with her?
Girl2: Yeah, totally. That totally wasn't shallow or anything. Come on! Pee wee babies? Carly can do waaaay better than that! She's an online sensation! Also she's funny, pretty, smart, and sassy lul. ;D
Girl1: Yarly. I hope I can be just like Carly someday. ;P
by Nitsirk Yram August 19, 2009
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ST (Stupid Teenybopper) - Hey did you see the new iCarly episode last night?

SA (Smartass) - Yes. I hate that show now - it made venom begin spitting out of my eyes.
by SmartBitch December 31, 2008
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THE DEATH OF NICKELODEON.....well, nickelodeon died sooo long ago. 90's nickelodeon was THE SHIT!!!

icarly is about some whinny overly dramatic bitch Carly, her tomboy acting, also overly dramatic friend Sam who constantly picks on Freddy, and their tech "geek" freddy who has a massive crush on Carly. Spencer is carly's quirky brother, whom is very artistic....and also stupid.....gibby is some fat kid who takes his shirt off....not kidding, and gibby has been turned into a joke for the entire show.

icarly has a horrible sense of humor, plays laugh tracks (electronic laughter) like every 5 seconds.....and tries really hard to be "cool." By their use of words like "chiz" "nub" "hobnocker" and it fails miserably at trying to be cool.........its horrible and will cause cancer.
Carly and Sam are stupid little whiny materialistic overly-dramatic cunts.

And freddy is nothing but a computer nerd with no godamn spine........or balls.......whichever.....
Person1: Hey! Do you watch icarly?

Person2: No.....

Person1: really? icarly is the chiz! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!

Person2: ..GTFO!!!

Person1: Youl never understand the awesomeness of icarly, cuz your a nub.

Person2: Grabs gun and shoots person1.
by ISPEAKDEALWITHITCUNT September 17, 2010
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