Aggressively grinding each other while making out.
Abby was derfing so hard last night with him.
by yunglivin September 1, 2019
the act of fucking a girl who is way below any normal standards
person 1:so i heard you went derfing last night.
person 2:yeah, I took pcp.

I wanted to go derfing, to I found the girl nicknamed Trailer Trash.

Bonus points if they have a kid.
by fred v. September 15, 2006
When a guy and girl are sexually intimate, the practice of the guy to alternate between bottom and top holes (anus and vagina). No particular pattern of action is required, and the switch-off can be completely random (ie: top, top, bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom, bottom, bottom, top, fist).

Create special patterns to signify festive or celebratory events and occassions; re-live these occassions through fantastic, nostalgic sexual practices!
Donnie: Tim was derfing Julie and covered her vagina with shit.
Darcy: Goddam! O_O
by Pwnforce United December 24, 2005
Sex with clothes on
Cooper: hey Claudia wanna go derfing later?
by Derfingyurrrmom October 30, 2019
He came mid-derf. Must be mormon.
by Noelmiller24 September 14, 2019
A number between 5 and 6. It was created by Carly from iCarly.
1: What is that new number T-Bo was talking about?
2: Oh yeah! That is derf.
by 2000s Kids Are Better April 9, 2018
Verb: to Derf is to purposfully send someone the wrong way, or to trick someone into going the wrong way. You have to strike it with such confidence and not to stutter that they do not second guess you and still believe they are going the right way. Even when they know they have gone the wrong way, they blame or doubt themselves.
This guy asked me for directions and I totally derfed him.
by Joeseppe July 15, 2019