The rocking of the penis in a up, down, side to side motion.
"How far did you go with Rob last night!?"
"We went all the way to defrocking!"
by FuckMeHardInTheAss August 20, 2011
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What happens to a priest when he is accused and found guilty of touching young children.
Father Julian was defrocked after I accused him of fondling my genitals. He had abused me for 8 years, I didn't know any better. Shame on you Father Julian.
by J-Ru September 15, 2003
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my girl friend loves me ohh so much and this word proves it :) <33
"we are defrocking hanging out when you get back"
by lovin this girl to death;) August 20, 2011
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To expose corruption in your society or shame corruption individuals through the media
I t is time to defrock a priest when dealing with Hilary Clinton
by Sexydimma May 25, 2016
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Stripping an overweight clergyman of his ordained duties
The pope told his right hand bishop, we really need to defrock the pig when portly friar comes back from vacation.
by Thorette March 17, 2016
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much like the famous "Aristocrats" joke, this term refers to a sexual position that becomes as profane as the speaker wants it to be. The definition grows as the term continues from person to person. The definition begins with, "I bent her over the table and..."
I was with this dirty, dirty girl last night. We spent 4 hours doing the defrocked priest in a Toyota
by Randango The Flame September 7, 2006
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