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Noble class believed to be breeding only between themselves and thus slowly degenerating.
They are the target of the famous "The Aristocrats" joke told by many stand-up comedians.
So the term can be used for people supposed to have pervert sex with their family members and family animals in the most disgusting ways one can imagine.
I hope there is no reincarnation. I wouldn't like to become the dog of those aristocrats living next door.
by Lord Hoven April 10, 2008
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No Bull Shit, and old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious.
User: I need to talk to you, NBS.
User2: ESAD, Noob.
by Heko July 17, 2004
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A member of the ruling class; a very posh person.
Aristocrats are very easy to identify - the men look like inbred halfwits and the women look like horses.
Hated by everyone, even only slightly less posh people.
Charles is an aristocrat, as is Camay or Camisole or whatever her name is. Soon we will all be their subjects.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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A bunch of rich people who owned humongous masses of land and real estate, usually had businesses. Men hired workers to tend to their estate, they ran the family businesses. Women were not required to work, or have much education. They probably just sat around and tried to learn piano, and attended social parties. Being an aristocrat seemed unfair to the less fortunate of the time, although they provided useful jobs. With the dawn of democracy, aristocracy died out and everything became modern.
Look at that aristocrat, his lavish clothes and massive estate are oh so snobbish!

The Magalonas, The Yulos, The Ayalas, and The Zobels are notable descendant families of Filipino aristocrats.
by Frankie-G September 15, 2007
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his joke almost always has these elements—alternative versions may change this form.

Setup: A family act (or a representative, usually the male head of household) goes in to see a talent agent about booking their act. The agent asks what their act consists of.
Act: If the whole family is present, the act is performed for the agent; otherwise it is described, in as much detail as the teller prefers, typically ad lib. Traditionally, the description is tasteless and ribald. The goal is to significantly transgress social norms. Taboo acts such as racism, animal cruelty, incest, rape, child sexual abuse, coprophilia, coprophagia, bestiality, necrophilia, cannibalism, and murder are common themes.
Punch line: The shocked (or intrigued) agent asks what the act is called, and the proud answer (sometimes delivered with a flourish) is: "The Aristocrats!" Some versions have the agent then asking, "So – Is that all ya' got?"
You can't tell the aristocrat among pussies
by @mrkulci December 15, 2020
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A very disgusting brand of rum.
I drank that first sip of Aristocrat and almost threw up, cuz it was so nasty!
by like2party May 27, 2010
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An extremely good looking Italian nobleman from an ancient family. He is pale, well built, tall with brown black wavy hair slicked back, prefers dark custom made conservative clothes, with pants that reveal his grand manliness, wears handmade oxford tie shoes, one piece of jewelry only a gold family ring, speaks three langauges, is always polite, speaks English with an English accent, is confident in business and desired at parties. In love he is the king of swordsman.
There look she found herself an aristocrat in Rome.
by GianniV May 21, 2006
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