To take a extremely long time to do something
Your taking 8 years to finish that drink
by Ryan Holden May 14, 2003
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Annoying little fucks that call you fuck face and shit head and play cod all day, they don't even know what the insults they say mean, they're annoying little fucks
This was on cod one time

Me: kid stop shooting at your own team

Me: ok, dumbass
by Rhdbdhdhejdgeheb December 16, 2015
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A child who watches Minecraft videos and is obsessed with playing Roblox. They enjoy eating sandwiches and doritos. They will constantly rage and flip out if they lose a match in a game.
Kevin, you are being such an 8 year old.
by sodapop. February 11, 2021
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Tony lopezes favoite kind of girl
Tony lopez: i like 8 year olds

A smart person: am calling fbi
by SkskskkskskskksskksKING October 8, 2020
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An 8 Year Old Is A Type Of Kid That Is Spoiled And Tries Getting An Ugly Girlfriend At A Young Age And Watches Cringe Minecraft And Fortnite Animations 24/7 And Tries Imitating Squid Game And Swears At Others And Complains At Their Parents That The Person They Sweared At Called Them A Bad Word And Trouble Starts They Are Very Annoying And Hated They Are Basically Satan In Disguise.
Kevin And Ryan : Stop Being An 8 Year Old Alex.
by Rekt_boi4269 November 24, 2021
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It’s pretty much a Piss take because you don’t do anything and you just mess about in lesson and get like no homework but when you do get homework only one person knows about it and everyone says “fuck”
Year 8: did you do your homework

Year 8: nah
Year 8: we had homework

Year 8: fuck it
by Ben Jackson July 31, 2019
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