1. Offending of (the) god(s).
2. (American) A weak and misguided synonym for vulgar.
Civilised Human: What the fuck get away from me before I catch American disease.
American: Hey, don't you be using that profane language in my prescense.
Civilised Human: Get a fucking dictionary, you bible-bashing moron.
by His Imperial Majesty November 16, 2005
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Wack rapper; One who is too cocky for own good; One with little or no hustle or skill; One who looks like a foot
'Hey I just wasted 5 bucks on this shitty CD of a guy who looks like a foot'

'Who is it'

'I dunno some fag Profane'
by Ethix November 21, 2006
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A linguistic crutch for the inarticulate motherfucker.
Why the fuck you gotta be using all that goddamned profanity all the time, you piece of shit?
by umanor November 16, 2010
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When professionals show their fannies in public

It could also mean a cuss word
1. That profanity party is insane!

2. Don't use profanity in my house
by SimDevoSlipknot May 29, 2016
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Profanic is a combination of both PROFOUND & PROFANE and is an adjective.
The President's profanic zeal for extinguishing abortion is noteworthy.
by Jackson Morris June 23, 2006
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Words such as ass,bitch,fuck,bastard,dumbass,asshole,muthafucka,and penis
by Erin Wakey Balowey November 19, 2003
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