The way some stupid fucktards try to spell Hillary Clinton in their attempt to look intellegent and flame people with opinions different than their own.
LOL, look at me try to insult someone for writing emberassment and then fail at typing in a name in the same sentence.

It doesn't matter if you spell it Hillary or Hilary Clinton, she's still the most worthless bitch to ever be elected as Senator in New York... or any state for that matter.
by ProSpellingNamesCorrectly January 14, 2008
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The most popular target for America's pervasive rampant misogyny for about a decade and a half. She holds views held by male politicians who don't get 1/10 much ad hominem flack as she. She competently navigates both the roles of "leader" and "woman" and that just scares the fuck out of some people.
"So whaddya think about Hilary Clinton?"
"I mean her ideas, her policies."
"I think she- HAS A VAGINA!"
"Boobs too."
"...Nice to see you so versed in the issues."
by uppitybitch April 12, 2009
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The first woman ever to run for president. She has a decent chance of winning the Democratic primary, but in the national election she will have no chance -- and many Democrats will not vote for her for the primaries because of this reason.

Republicans for the most part hate her, and many moderates aren't too fond of her either which gives her a small voting base, therefore her chance of becoming president is very small.
"I'm not going to vote for Hilary Clinton as the Democratic candidate because even though I like her more than everyone else, I don't think she has a chance winning the election, and I want a Democratic as president."
by Max M. from Palo Alto March 31, 2007
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Reporter: Hilary Clinton is now the first female president of the U.S.!
Person: oh dear. I doubt this is gonna affect me that much though.

Reporter: Donald Trump is now the President!
Person: *hurridly packing bags* Canada here I come!
by Capsicle July 29, 2016
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A synonym for lying. Past Tense: Hilary Clintoned
Short version: Clintoned
Chris: Democrats are great
Donald: Stop Hilary clintoning me!

Joe: Did you delete all those emails that were evidence for your case?

Hilary: Uhh... Nope!
You've been Clintoned!
by Yo Mama 694201738 August 14, 2017
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When you meet a girl you are sexually interested in and start referring to her clitoris as "emails" about 2 weeks out of performing coitus with her. Eventually when you get the opportunity to engage in sexual activity with her you constantly repeat "where is the emails? I've lost the emails, what is a email?" Thus leaving her sexually unsatisfied and wanting more.
Bro I totally gave Sarah The Hilary Clinton last week. I think she wants a Bin-Laden next
by Thatfellajack December 4, 2022
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